Save money and avoid the winter rush by taking advantage of our 2011 Pre-Winter Coupon! Book Now through September 15, 2011 and pay only *$235.00 for a routine stove maintenance!
Some of the vital services for pellet and gas stove include:
    *Complete inspection and necessary lubrication of all mechanical and
      moving parts.
    *A thorough cleaning of the heat exchangers, baffles plate, ash traps,
     convection fan  and exhaust liner.
    *Test burn for calibration, pressure/velocity check.
    *Gas stove burners and gas jets pulled and cleaned.
    *Gas stove checked for air mixture, leakage,  voltage
      generation and valve function.

Call Cinders and Ashes now at 1-800-942-4633
Expires September 15, 2011
*$235.00 allots for 2 hours of service, which is the average time required for a routine cleaning and testing. Coupon rate: $117.50 per hour prorated after the 2nd  hour.  Regular season rate is $265.00 and  prorated at $132.50 after the second  hour. or a $160.00 minimum 1 hour. No trip charge within regular service area.
2011 Pre Winter Coupon
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2011 Pre-Winter Coupon
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