"Dont get burned, Use a certified technician"
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Please  allow  me to  introduce  myself  and  my company  "Cinders and Ashes."  I have been working in the pellet and gas stove industry  since 1987,  performing  installations,  repairs  and  maintenance.         I  have received repair training and certifications from the worlds leading stove manufacturers such as: Austraflamm, Whitfield and Quadrafire.

Many companies  today  put  little  emphasis  on  quality  and  integrity. However, I believe very strongly in these ethics and I am determined to offer the quality  of service and standard of work that  you  have a  right to expect.  My company's philosophy is "Offer the highest quality service at competitive prices."

My resources and  contacts  in  the  pellet and  gas  stove  industry  are numerous and varied.  This allows me to  obtain  parts,  schematics  and knowledge on stoves that are no  longer  manufactured  or  repaired  by other technicians.  In an industry that averages $3,000 for a new  stove, a decision to maintain and fix  an  existing  stove  must  be an  educated one.  I will always provide my clients with all of the information necessary to make the best choice.

I understand the importance of a stove as a primary source of heat, and for many of my clients the need for immediate service.